If you prefer to stay home, but still receive care for your gastroenterology and hepatology needs, our physicians are available for office visits utilizing a HIPAA compliant video service. Most insurance companies are covering TeleMedicine visits, including Medicare. Telehealth visits will be available during normal business hours, and you will need to make an appointment. We will also be available after hours and on weekends in certain circumstances. Please call to make an appointment and our staff will direct you on further instructions regarding the virtual connection with the physician.

You may be directed to one of the sites below, or you may receive a text on your cell phone from our staff.

Only click the links below if you were directed to do so prior to your appointment:

Dr. Stecevic: You will receive a text with a link from Dr. Stecevic.

Dr. Batke: You will receive a text with a link from Dr. Batke.

Dr. Reddy: 

Dr. Mansour: You will receive a text with a link from Dr. Mansour.

Tips: Will work on any device with a camera and microphone (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop). For iPhone users, please open in Safari. 

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